5 Facts About Lanzarote That Will Surprise You

What do you know about Lanzarote? You have probably heard that it is an island belonging to the Canary Archipelago and, despite being located closer to Africa than Europe, it is part of Spain. But, what other interesting facts can we highlight about Lanzarote? Next, we bring you the most surprising curiosities about the island.

You’ll want to come and experience them in person!

The unique charm of Lanzarote

Lanzarote has an exceptional charm that captivates all visitors. Everyone who comes to the island takes away cherished memories. Undoubtedly, it is the ideal place to enjoy a great vacation or celebrate something important in your life. Lanzarote is sea and light. But it’s also sports, gastronomy, adventure, culture, and fun!

If you come to Lanzarote, get ready to discover an exotic land of volcanic origin, where geothermal activity has sculpted the most beautiful and unusual landscapes. There, nature reigns freely, giving us truly stunning landscapes. Lanzarote invites us to bask in the sun, sway in the ocean waves, and explore unsuspected hiking trails. and discover a whole range of exotic flavors.

1. The History of Lanzarote: Incredible facts you may not know

Lanzarote is an island with a lot of history. Here, time seems to stand still as we contemplate the remnants of another era. Archaeological sites, monuments, and museums speak to us about everything that has been experienced on the island.

The rocks of its cliffs and mountains emerged 15 million years ago as a result of volcanic eruptions. Y The last major eruption occurred between 1730 and 1736 in what is now known as Timanfaya National Park.

Cultural Heritage of Lanzarote

It is believed that the first inhabitants of Lanzarote were indigenous people known as ‘majo’ or ‘maho’. They were also residents of the island of Fuerteventura. This population had Berber origins, inhabitants of North Africa since ancient times.

In the 15th century, the French, led by the explorer Jean de Béthencourt and sponsored by the Kingdom of Castile, invaded the island, and the ‘majos’ were taken as slaves. It is believed that only 300 of them remained in Lanzarote.

The first European settlement on the island was established in El Rubicón, where the first cathedral was built. However, there were conflicts with English pirates and local indigenous people until the 17th century. Shortly thereafter, the great eruption of Timanfaya occurred, burying several villages and bringing a severe drought that led to the emigration of a large part of the population

After a few years, the island stabilized, and the city of Arrecife gained political and economic importance. Thanks to its port, commercial activity flowed through its streets, positioning it as the new capital of the island.

In the 20th century, Lanzarote became what it is today, an island full of splendor and tourist interest. It is at this moment that César Manrique, a painter and a great architectural artist of Lanzarote, further enriches the island with his works inspired by the nature of the surroundings.

2. Interesting Facts about Lanzarote

Setting aside the history, let’s continue with the most interesting curiosities about Lanzarote. You’ll see!

The green color of Charco de los Clicos

Among the things you must do in Lanzarote, one of them is to visit Charco de los Clicos, also known as Charco Verde due to the color of its waters. It is located within the Timanfaya National Park, and it acquires this characteristic color due to the algae that inhabit it and the sulfur it contains.

facts about Lanzarote

Observing the “boiling” sea at Los Hervideros

Visitors to the island of Lanzarote believe they can see the sea water boiling in the area of Los Hervideros. In reality, volcanic heat can produce this effect, but not in this location. You can witness this phenomenon at Montaña de Fuego.

In reality, the curious thing about Los Hervideros is that it is a cave in a cliff where the sea can enter and rise through a kind of natural funnel called ‘jameo.

facts about Lanzarote

You can listen to the breath of the Earth at the Geodynamics Laboratory

The Lanzarote Geodynamics Laboratory (LGL) is one of the most relevant sources of information for geologists, volcanologists, and international teams of scientists. It is a research center where the highest number of data related to the Earth’s crust is recorded worldwide, along with its counterparts in Luxembourg and Japan.

3. Fun Facts about Lanzarote That Will Surprise You

Shall we continue? Lanzarote is full of amazing things, and some are truly fun!

Secret Lagoon with Hidden Jewels

It’s the Green Pond we’ve already talked about. There you can find a very vivid green mineral called olivine, which makes this place one of the favorite destinations for the island’s geologists and jewelers.

You can cook meat and fish on volcanic rocks.

Incredible but true! In Lanzarote, there is a restaurant where they prepare their dishes using the heat emitted by volcanic activity, capable of reaching up to 600ºC. It’s called “El Diablo”, and it’s located in Timanfaya National Park..

An Underwater Museum

In the town of Playa Blanca, you can enjoy the Atlantic Museum. But you better be a good swimmer to see its incredible sculptures and even a refugee boat, as you can only access it through a diving tour. Do you dare?

4. Facts about Volcanoes in Lanzarote

Continuing with curiosities about Lanzarote, its volcanic origin surprises us with these:

One of the longest volcanic tubes in the world

In Lanzarote, you can find one of the longest volcanic tubes on the planet. This privilege is held by the volcano of La Corona. The lava was responsible for shaping this elongated cave, a whopping 7 km long! As it flowed underground, it eventually reached the sea, forming a devastating yet beautiful passage of solidified lava.

Volcanic Vineyards

Lanzarote is full of rich crops. One of the most interesting ones is the vineyards cultivated in volcanic soil, where the characteristics of the terrain give rise to curious (and delicious) wines with mineral notes. The main protagonist is the white wine made from Malvasía grapes. Perfect to accompany the magnificent cuisine of Lanzarote!

facts about Lanzarote

5. Off the Tourist Path: Hidden Treasures in Lanzarote

In Lanzarote, you will find true wonders beyond the conventional tourist routes.

Secluded Beaches and Quiet Villages

Lanzarote hides beaches where calm reigns, true paradises among green cliffs that invite total disconnection. The beaches of Papagayo or Las Cochas beach on the island of La Graciosa are some corners of fine sand waiting for you, solitary, on the island. On the other hand, it is worth delving into its tranquil villages and walking among its whitewashed houses. The town of Playa Blanca is one of the most representative examples.

Lesser-known attractions and natural wonders.

Can you imagine a place where you can see both the sunrise and the sunset at the same time? There is! It’s Paseo LASAL, a magical place in Playa Blanca where you can see the sun rise from the ocean and set into it, forming a genuine natural spectacle full of colors and reflections. There you can walk and enjoy a peaceful atmosphere at any time of the day, stroll for pleasure in a space open to life where the sea breeze will be your special companion.

Why should you travel to Lanzarote?

As you can see, there are many reasons to visit Lanzarote In summary, on the island, you can live a dream experience: natural and cultural routes, relaxation on paradisiacal beaches, stunning landscapes, cultural events, and exotic gastronomy await you in Lanzarote.

Everything we’ve told you is so amazing that it’s hard to believe, right? Do you want to come and see it with your own eyes? Pack your suitcase!

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