Welcome to LASAL, welcome to life

We’ve been eagerly waiting for this moment! 2024 has started with exciting beginnings. With these lines, we inaugurate the Paseo LASAL blog and take the opportunity to inform you that very soon, you’ll be able to enjoy a wonderful stroll at LASAL with all your senses.

Imagine the gentle breeze caressing your face, the scent of sea salt and salt flats, the soft touch of the nearby beach sand, the view of unique sunrises and sunsets at the location of the promenade, and the taste of gastronomy that awakens your taste buds. Strolling through Paseo LASAL activates your senses and allows you to feel Lanzarote in every pore of your skin.

It’s the ideal place to disconnect and nourish the soul. Walking by the sea in Playa Blanca is one of the must-do activities when visiting Lanzarote.

Playa Blanca, a paradise of sea and light

When we think of Playa Blanca, two words come to mind: “sea” and “light.” The sunlight emerging from the sea during its sunrises and the orange light that our star projects on the sea and sky while setting in the evening. Paseo LASAL is one of the places where you can delight in one of the best sunrises and sunsets on the island of Lanzarote. Don’t miss out on the experience!

This uniqueness makes Paseo LASAL a unique enclave since, due to its orientation on the island, it’s the perfect place to fall in love again with the magnificent spectacle of colors created by the sunlight reflected on the sea.

A place to get lost and dive in

In Playa Blanca, the sun shines 340 days a year, and it is characterized by delighting its inhabitants with a mild climate all year round, away from extreme temperatures. That’s why Playa Blanca is the place you’re looking for your days of relaxation. Here, you can explore stunning landscapes and engage in outdoor activities during any season.

If you’re into water sports, Playa Blanca is your destination as it serves as the training base for world Olympic sailing and hosts nautical events and regattas.

A clear sky to soar

Being part of Paseo LASAL is synonymous with valuing and contributing to the conservation of the architectural and cultural heritage of Lanzarote. To achieve this, we have restored two ancient mills located in the Berrugo salt flats. Thanks to this, visitors to our island can enjoy a corner where they will find cultural events, exhibitions, and educational activities.

Paseo LASAL is an open space for life that connects you with nature and the elements. The water of its sea, the fire in its volcanic land, the earth of its white beach sands, and the clean air produced thanks to the sustainability of the island of Lanzarote, declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO since 1993.

Coming to LASAL is taking a stroll through life and letting yourself be carried away by a flow of emotions that lead to unforgettable moments. Here, you’ll find culture, gastronomy, and entertainment.

Ready to explore, enjoy, and live to the fullest? We’ll tell you more on our blog. Welcome to LASAL!

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