What are the best things to do in Lanzarote as a family?

If you come to Lanzarote with children, get ready to experience big and fun adventures! The island awaits you with countless things to do in Lanzarote with kids. Keep reading and note down the best plans to enjoy your leisure time in Lanzarotewith your favorite people.

Popular things to do in Lanzarote as a family

Indeed, we could write volumes about the number of things you can do in Lanzarote with kids. But, to simplify your choice, we’ve compiled the best things to do, the most popular activities on the island:

Day trips

In Lanzarote, there are so many tourist spots that you’ll undoubtedly find fantastic places very close to your accommodation. Beaches, natural parks, charming villages, or small paradisiacal islands await you! You can make great discoveries on day trips, such as those organized to La Graciosa, an island with incredible beaches.

Geologic formations

Lanzarote is an island of volcanic origin with numerous geological formations that fascinate children. Find out which ones are closest to your hotel and marvel at these true works of art from nature. Timanfaya National Park or the Green Caves are some examples.

Shopping in Lanzarote

Shall we go shopping? Make it fun for the whole family! You’ll achieve this if you come to Paseo LASAL in Playa Blanca, a place where what really matters takes center stage: quality time with your children. There, you can stroll while watching the sunrise or sunset. Yes, thanks to the unique location of Paseo LASAL, you can see the sun’s rays reflected on the water during either time of day. And, as if that weren’t enough, in this iconic place, children can enjoy a multitude of events designed for the whole family, as well as discover Canarian cuisine through its typical restaurants.

Cultural tours

In Lanzarote, you can enjoy countless cultural trips. For example, you can choose a tour that includes the Berrugo Salt Flats windmills, an architectural heritage of Lanzarote where numerous cultural, educational, scientific, and recreational events are held.

Attractions in Lanzarote to go with kids

Still unsure about what to do in Lanzarote? We suggest the following family activities in Lanzarote:

Visit Timanfaya National Park

In Timanfaya National Park, children will enjoy a true adventure. They will experience a lunar landscape, take camel rides, and witness geothermal activity, creating unforgettable memories in this stunning volcanic environment.

César Manrique culture

Exploring the culture surrounding César Manrique offers families an educational and artistic experience. By visiting the César Manrique Foundation and the artist’s creations such as Jameos del Agua, children will immerse themselves in a world of art, innovative architecture, and respect for the natural environment.

Visit the Lanzarote Aquarium

The Lanzarote Aquarium provides families with children a fascinating experience. They will discover the marine diversity of local waters, interact with interactive exhibits, and marvel at extraordinary marine species, all in a visit as thrilling as it is educational.

Pardelas Park

Pardelas Park offers an exciting experience for families. Children will enjoy raptor bird shows, participate in educational activities about local fauna, and experience the beauty of these birds up close, creating unforgettable moments and fostering environmental awareness.

Discover the beautiful beaches in Lanzarote

But when it comes to fun for the whole family in Lanzarote, we can’t forget about its magnificent beaches. Here are the most recommended coastal places in Lanzarote if you come with children:

Playa la Cocina

This is one of the most famous beaches in La Graciosa, located just a few minutes from the island of Lanzarote by boat. Playa la Cocina is a small bay with fine sand and calm waters. Here, children can enjoy a magnificent day at the beach under the shade of the Yellow Mountain.

Playa Risco

This beach hides behind the Risco de Famara. It prioritizes tranquility and is one of the loneliest and most inaccessible on the island of Lanzarote. Ideal as a family exploration proposal.

Playa Blanca

Here is another excellent beach where children can enjoy swimming thanks to its calm waters. It is named after the town where it is located, showcasing the color of the sand and the dazzling light it emits.

Playa Mujeres

If your child likes fish, come to Playa Mujeres! With a snorkeling mask, you can see lots of them in its waters. It’s not surprising since it is a practically untouched beach with golden sand and no buildings

Top 3 areas to stay in Lanzarote as a family

What are the best places to stay with children in Lanzarote? Take a look at the main areas!

Costa Teguise

Costa Teguise is one of the most recommended areas in Lanzarote for families with children. Its beaches with calm waters offer safety, while recreational areas, parks, and adapted services create a welcoming and fun environment for the little ones, ensuring memorable vacations for the whole family.

Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca is an idyllic destination if you come to Lanzarote with family. Its soft sandy beaches and clear waters are safe for children. The promenade, full of restaurants and shops, offers entertainment, while family activities and the vibrant atmosphere make Playa Blanca a charming place for a family vacation.

Puerto del Carmen

Puerto del Carmen is another excellent option for families. With extensive golden sandy beaches and calm waters, children will enjoy a safe environment. The lively promenade, full of restaurants and activities, offers fun for all ages, making Puerto del Carmen a very welcoming family destination.

Why you should travel to Lanzarote as a family?

In summary, Lanzarote is an ideal tourist destination for families, with safe beaches and theme parks such as Timanfaya National Park and Pardelas Park, as well as the rich culture of César Manrique. In addition, on the island, children can enjoy simple excursions such as a visit to the LASAL Promenade in Playa Blanca, where the little ones can experience pure maritime nature and soak up the essence of the Canaries.

Lanzarote offers exciting activities for children, ensuring vacations filled with fun, learning, and natural beauty.


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