Where Are the Best Places to Go Running in Lanzarote?

Running is one of the most popular sports during vacations. It allows us to enjoy stunning landscapes, clear our minds, disconnect from routine, explore new places, and, of course, stay in shape. There are places where running becomes a unique experience. We’re talking about the parks, trails, and beaches most frequented by runners in Lanzarote. Which ones are they? We have created this Running Guide for you to discover them.

What Are the Benefits of Running in Natural Places?

Practicing running in a natural environment is truly delightful! Every runner knows this. If you’re in Lanzarote and want to experience this to the fullest, you can! On the island, you’ll find countless routes to run while immersing yourself in nature. Let’s remember the main benefits of this activity:

  • Harmony with nature: Running outdoors adds a touch of excitement and joy to the race. Feeling the sea breeze, the birdsong, or the breaking of the waves adds an extra sense of well-being to the sporting practice.
  • Minimizes impact on the knees: When running on dirt instead of asphalt, joints suffer much less, especially the knees.
  • Diversity of terrains: Nature allows us to explore routes with varied slopes, offering challenges that stimulate the runner both physically and mentally.
  • Reduces stress: Running in nature significantly reduces stress. This activity releases endorphins, neurotransmitters that improve mood. Additionally, exposure to fresh air and the natural environment contribute to relaxing the nervous system.
  • Keeps you fit: Practicing running in a natural environment helps maintain good physical fitness and promotes weight loss through calorie burning. The variety of terrain intensifies training, optimizing results.

Unique Features of Running in Lanzarote

Among all the things you can do in Lanzarote, exercising outdoors is one of the most recommended. Specifically, running is an excellent activity. Why?

  • Ideal Climate for Running All Year Round In Lanzarote, temperatures are always mild. As you may know, the Canary Islands are located very close to the African continent, but the sea regulates the heat from the sun and Atlantic air currents reduce the humidity in the environment.
  • Diversity of Terrain and Panoramic Views. The island is surrounded by nature. In Lanzarote, you will find a wide variety of natural treasures awaiting you: paradisiacal beaches, paths leading to remote villages, and mountainous terrain that elevates you to contemplate wonderful views you never imagined.
running in Lanzarote

What Are the Most Spectacular Places to Go Running in Lanzarote?

Let´s now see which are there the most recomend areas in Lanzarote for practicing running:

  • Playa Blanca, a coastal village with charming white houses that captivates all its visitors. We recommend taking a route along the Paseo LASAL, a magnificent open space that runs along Playa Dorada. From there, you can contemplate both the sunrise and the sunset. The best moments for running!
  • Puerto del Carmen, a paradise for running enthusiasts. Its Promenade offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. You can also take a coastal route along Avenida de las Playas or venture into the Municipal Park, with picturesque shaded trails.
  • Costa Teguise is another ideal setting for running in Lanzarote. Here you can practice your favorite sport on Playa de las Cucharas, along its Promenade, or on the winding paths of the Cactus Garden.
  • Arrecife, the capital of Lanzarote, is also a good place for runners. El Charco de San Ginés and its promenade offer urban routes by the water. On the other hand, the Canary Islands Park and the Marina area provide variety and extraordinary architectural beauty.
running in Lanzarote
Arrecife,capital of Lanzarote

Which Are the Most Spectacular Parks to Go Running in Lanzarote?

If you prefer parks for running, in Lanzarote you will find impressive green areas:

  • Natural Park of the Volcanoes. (Timanfaya National Park) : Running in Timanfaya is surreal. The trails wind through volcanic craters, offering an experience that goes beyond mere exercise. The uniqueness of the terrain presents authentic challenges, while the lunar landscape creates a unique atmosphere for running.
  • Chinijo Archipelago Natural Park: This archipelago offers diverse terrains. Running in La Graciosa, the main island, means traversing deserted beaches and coastal trails with views of the Atlantic. The fusion of sandy terrains and natural trails creates a diverse and stimulating environment for running enthusiasts.

What Is the Longest Running Route on Lanzarote?

Lanzarote is an island, but you won’t be short of kilometers to run within its interior. This route we present to you, besides being the longest, will make you live unforgettable moments:

  • Playa Blanca – La Hoya – Los Charcones with a length of 27.5km.

This route starts in the town of Playa Blanca. We recommend starting with the sea breeze of the LASAL Promenade as your starting point. Then, it heads towards La Hoya, full of delightful trails, to culminate in Los Charcones, where the views of the wild coast and natural pools will be your greatest reward.

Which Running Route Has the Highest Elevation Gain on Lanzarote?

If you’re into heights, in Lanzarote you’ll enjoy running routes as scenic as this one, which has the highest elevation gain on the island:

  • Punta Mujeres – Haría – Caleta de Famara with a positive elevation gain of 616m.

We are facing a challenging route that starts in Punta Mujeres and ends in Caleta de Famara. The journey passes through Haría and stands out for its steep elevation gain, with a positive elevation gain of 616m. From the coast of Punta Mujeres to the cliffs of Famara, a varied landscape of beautiful hills unfolds before the runner‘s eyes. Do you dare?

running in Lanzarote
Punta Mujeres village

What Is the Most Popular and Difficult Running Route in Lanzarote?

The mountainous terrain of Lanzarote challenges us with different routes suitable only for the most experienced runners. On the island, you’ll find various complex options that require being in good physical shape and having appropriate footwear. One of the most popular is the route that starts in Playa Blanca and ends at Montaña Roja, a semicircular journey that extends for 4 km around its caldera and inside the crater. The elevation gain is only 150 meters, but the characteristics of the terrain make the route a true adventure.

Why Should You Choose Lanzarote as Your Running Destination?

If you want to keep training during your vacation, Lanzarote is your ideal destination to continue running. We’ve already seen it: in addition to all the tourist options that the island offers, it provides an exceptional setting for outdoor races. Here, you can enjoy a unique mix of volcanic terrain, golden beaches, and exotic vegetation. Furthermore, the pleasant temperature throughout the year, the variability of the terrain, and the impressive landscapes make Lanzarote the perfect destination for adventure-seeking running enthusiasts.

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