Gastronomy in Lanzarote: What Is Typical Food and Where to Try It?

Descubre la esencia de Lanzarote a través de su gastronomía única y deliciosa. What Kind of Food Can You Taste in Lanzarote? From wrinkled potatoes with mojo picón to volcanic wines and artisanal cheeses, this island offers an unforgettable culinary experience. Embark on this journey of flavors!

What Is the Traditional Cuisine of Lanzarote Like?

The typical food of Lanzarote is characterized by its simplicity and authentic flavor, using fresh and locally sourced ingredients Dishes such as wrinkled potatoes with mojo picón and Canarian sancocho, a fish stew, are fundamental. Fresh fish, prepared grilled, baked, or fried, is essential in the diet. Gofio, a toasted cereal flour, and bienmesabe, a creamy dessert, are also popular. Local markets, like the one in Teguise, offer a variety of typical products such as tropical fruits, goat cheeses, and wines with denomination of origin, providing a unique gastronomic experience.

What Are the Traditional Foods of Lanzarote?

If you’re coming to Lanzarote, don’t miss out on its most popular dishes!

Wrinkled Potatoes “papas arrugadas” with Mojo

“Wrinkled potatoes” with mojo picón are ideal as a snack but can also be served as a side dish or accompaniment to other meals. The star ingredient is mojo picón, the most famous sauce in the Canary Islands, with a reddish color and a slightly spicy taste. Besides enhancing the flavor of potatoes, it’s an indispensable addition to other typical dishes in Lanzarote’s gastronomy.

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Fresh Fish

Fresh fish is essential in traditional Lanzarote gastronomy. The island offers a wide variety of fish such as sama, tuna, hake, grouper, grouper, corvina, vieja, and moray. These fish are often accompanied by mojo picón and wrinkled potatoes, “papas arrugadas”. Common cooking methods include grilling, baking, and frying, highlighting the natural flavors of the sea.

Canarian Sancocho

Canarian sancocho is a traditional and simple recipe from island cuisine, known for its sobriety. The dish stands out for the quality of its main ingredients: fish like grouper, corvina, or burro, potatoes, and sweet potatoes. It is served with red or green mojo and a pella de gofio, kneaded with fish water. Popular on Good Friday, it’s also enjoyed on regular days due to its easy preparation and availability of ingredients.

Canarian Gofio

This brings us to Canarian gofio. What is it? Gofio is a staple food of the Canary Islands with roots dating back to pre-Hispanic times. Canary Islanders roasted and ground cereals to produce this flour. Nowadays, gofio is consumed in various forms: alone, with milk, in desserts, ice cream, as dough, or mixed with fish broth (gofio escaldado). A recommended dessert is gofio mousse, a true Canarian delight.


Canarian bienmesabe is a creamy-textured sweet made with almonds, egg, sugar, and lemon. It is extremely sweet and is used to accompany many typical desserts of the Canary Islands. In Lanzarote, it is often served with ice cream, creating a delicious combination. If you have the chance to try it at a local restaurant, don’t hesitate!

Note: In other parts of Spain, such as Andalusia, “bienmesabe” refers to a delicious but savory dish: marinated dogfish, a fish with a very special marinade.

What Ingredients and Local Products Do They Have in Lanzarote?

Let’s now explore some gastronomic products that are worth highlighting from Lanzarote. You can easily find them in the island’s local markets.

Wines of Lanzarote

Lanzarote wines, with their designation of origin, stand out for their quality and uniqueness, influenced by the island’s climate and volcanic nature. Particularly prized is the white wine made from the malvasía grape variety, though other whites and sweet wines are also famous. In La Geria, numerous wineries offer tastings and expert advice to choose the ideal wine.

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Vineyards in La Geria, Lanzarote

Tropical Fruits

Beyond the popular Canarian banana, Lanzarote offers a variety of tropical fruits with unique flavors and nutritional benefits. Figs, whether fresh or dried, stand out. Dragon fruit, rich in vitamin C, mango, juicy and sweet, papaya, soft and nutritious, and avocado, creamy and healthy, complement the island’s fruit offerings.

Local Cheeses

Lanzarote cheeses, made from majorera goat’s milk, are renowned for their smooth and creamy flavor. Available in fresh, tender, semi-cured, and cured varieties, some are covered with gofio or paprika. Traditional techniques preserve their nutritional properties, and goats, cared for following strict health regulations, ensure the quality of the product.

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Where Are the Best Places to Try Lanzarote’s Food?

After learning about the island’s typical dishes, you might be wondering where you can enjoy these delicious delicacies in Lanzarote. We recommend exploring small towns. You will find the best restaurants in the fishing villages along the coast (ideal for tasting fresh fish). Here are some suggestions: Here are some suggestions:

  • In Teguise, you can visit Casa Tomás, a seaside restaurant known for its friendly service and traditional Canarian cuisine. Local specialties include sardines from La Tiñosa and limpets from La Graciosa.
  • The Port of Call, located in Playa Blanca, offers exquisite dishes. Sea bass and prawns come highly recommended. You’ll enjoy a laid-back atmosphere with good music that blends classic jazz and blues piano elements.

Recommendations of Routes and Gastronomic Experiences in Lanzarote

Lanzarote offers a wide variety of routes, excursions, and gastronomic experiences. Here are our suggestions:

Winery Visits

You’ll love exploring various wineries in the region. Most of them offer explanations of the wine-making process and some interesting facts about each winery. Many also include appealing gastronomic offerings.

You can take wine routes independently or through a tour agency. For example, Bodegas Rubicón offers attractive wine tourism experiences.

Shopping Galleries

In Lanzarote, you can visit various shopping centers or galleries where you’ll find a wide variety of restaurants offering typical island cuisine or international dishes. We invite you to discover the flavors of Paseo LASAL, an open space by the ocean where you can enjoy the most beautiful sunrises and spectacular sunsets. When you visit Paseo LASAL, make sure to stop by Amorino, the perfect place to taste the best ice creams in Lanzarote.

Local Markets

Lanzarote’s local markets provide a unique gastronomic experience, offering typical island products. Here, you can find tropical fruits, goat cheeses, wines, and artisanal jams. The Teguise Market, one of the most popular, is a prominent place to taste and purchase these local delicacies. Strolling through these markets allows you to immerse yourself in Lanzarote’s culinary culture and discover its authentic flavors.

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